How To Promote Your Jobs Through Jobcasts

If you are looking for a new way to promote your company and your jobs (whilst increasing your visibility at the same time) then take a look at our new jobcasts service.


This new form of Recruitment Marketing consists of a pre-recorded audio interview with one of your Recruiters or Hiring Managers and will typically cover information about your company, your culture, your current job vacancies and the type of people you are looking to recruit.

How It Works

  1. We record your jobcast audio interview with your pre-arranged questions
  2. We publish your jobcast interview on both iTunes and SoundCloud
  3. We promote your jobcast interview across all the popular Social Media sites

Enhanced Extras

  • We can turn your branded jobcast interview into a YouTube video for extra visibility
  • We can also run a targeted video advertising campaign to get your video in front of your ideal candidates

Contact Us

Ready to find out more? Then contact Mike Taylor today to see how jobcasts can work in your company.

Mike Taylor

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