Why Online Video Needs To Be Part Of Your Recruitment Marketing

YouTube recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Yes, we have been watching cats and dogs falling off skateboards and little babies biting other peoples’ fingers for a long time now!

Whilst we can all relate to the type of content that YouTube had when it first launched there are far more business related topics now. You only have to look at the success of the TED Talk videos to see the quality of the speakers and content.

Online Video Growth

2019-online-videoWith CISCO predicting that by 2019 online video will account for 90% of all Internet traffic it makes you wonder why Recruiters aren’t using online video to promote their company and current vacancies?

Far too many companies today still only have traditional text based job adverts and these are the type of adverts that look exactly the same as everyone else’s! This is not what every job seeker wants. Many job seekers would ideally like to watch a video about your company, your jobs and understand why your business is different.

So Why Aren’t Recruiters Making The Most Of Online Video?

The reasons why Recruiters aren’t using online video in recruitment usually comes down to three main areas:

  • Don’t have the right equipment
  • Too expensive
  • Too complicated

Today, literally any business can create their own recruitment videos using the equipment they already have. For example, most smartphones have at a HD quality built-in video camera which can record high quality videos suitable to post online.

To show just how good smart phones have become a broadcast TV advert for the new Bentley Mulsanne (which costs around $300,000) was filmed and produced last year using only an iPhone 5s and edited on an iPad Air!

Compared to professional camcorders smart phones are inexpensive, easy to use and can produce comparable (and in some cases better) results. And as far as video hosting is concerned you can upload and host your videos on YouTube for free and share them across your social media channels.

Stand Out From The Crowd

With it becoming more and more difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd to attract candidates the use of visuals (both images and videos) is clearly the way forward. When was the last time a text only post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter got your attention?

Reasons For Having A Video

Whether you want to produce your own videos or commission an external partner to create them for you need to be very clear as to why you are using online video and who your target market is. You also need to be clear as to what action you want them to take from watching the video e.g. register with you / telephone you?  These are key parts of the whole process because you can produce the best quality video and content in the world but if it doesn’t talk and appeal to your target market then it will be completely wasted.

It Isn’t Too Late To Get Started

Even though YouTube has been around for 10 years there is still time to get started with online video to gain a competitive advantage. As the stat from Cisco shows online video will be practically everywhere by 2019. So its time to act quickly if you want to gain that competitive advantage.

Written By Mike Taylor

Mike helps companies attract targeted candidates through Online Video Marketing & Jobcasts | Founder Of JOBSRadio.co.uk

How To Promote Your Jobs Through Jobcasts

If you are looking for a new way to promote your company and your jobs (whilst increasing your visibility at the same time) then take a look at our new jobcasts service.


This new form of Recruitment Marketing consists of a pre-recorded audio interview with one of your Recruiters or Hiring Managers and will typically cover information about your company, your culture, your current job vacancies and the type of people you are looking to recruit.

How It Works

  1. We record your jobcast audio interview with your pre-arranged questions
  2. We publish your jobcast interview on both iTunes and SoundCloud
  3. We promote your jobcast interview across all the popular Social Media sites

Enhanced Extras

  • We can turn your branded jobcast interview into a YouTube video for extra visibility
  • We can also run a targeted video advertising campaign to get your video in front of your ideal candidates

Contact Us

Ready to find out more? Then contact Mike Taylor today to see how jobcasts can work in your company.

Mike Taylor

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Should I Have Renewed The Jobs Radio Domain Name?

jobs radio



I first had the idea back in 2005 when I registered the domain name www.jobsradio.co.uk.  It was around the time that podcasts first came out and it seemed a great way to make job search advice and information about vacancies available online.

At that time there weren’t that many smart phones available on the market, in fact the first iPhone didn’t get released until 2007. And if you add to that the fact a lot of people still had dial-up internet connections it meant that downloading audio (and video from a 2005 start-up called YouTube!) could be very slow and very expensive!  As a result my initial idea went on the back burner and I wasn’t even sure if I should renew the domain name.

Over recent years the problem of slow and expensive audio/video downloads has mainly gone away due to much faster and cheaper broadband connections. So that meant that my initial concern was now out of the way. However, I was still not 100% sure that a podcast only type of radio show would work.

Music Motivation

I enjoy listening to music and find it to be a great way of picking yourself up if you are feeling a bit down or you want to get your motivation levels up to do something you have been putting off. And that’s when I came up with the idea!

Over the last few years streaming music has become very popular. For example, with Spotify you can listen to millions of music tracks. So I thought to myself what if I could combine a radio show that offers great advice from Expert Guests, Authors and Recruiters and in-between the interviews play a variety of music to help job seekers feel upbeat and motivated during their job search activities? So that’s what I have created!

Being Made Redundant

During my own career I have been made redundant three times (the first time back in 1995 when the Internet hardly existed) so I know what it is like to be at home looking for a job. Looking back I always had some music playing in the background. With no email or websites to look for job search information the highs and lows for the day were normally when the postman came with either an invitation to an interview or another rejection letter!

Looking for a job can be a lonely journey so hopefully with JOBS Radio not only can job seekers get some great advice from our Expert Guests, Authors and Recruiters they can also listen to some great music to keep them feeling upbeat and motivated.

Live Streaming

jobs radio live streaming

We’ve just had our first week of guests on JOBS Radio (who also got to choose their favourite music tracks during the show as well) and in-between the interviews we are live streaming music over the Internet in the UK.

We are also catering for our mobile audience with the JOBS Radio mobile apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores. And we’ve just been added to TuneIn, one of the world’s largest Internet Radio Station directories.

Whilst we are only live streaming music in the UK at the moment our podcast recordings of the interviews (less our guests choice of music) can be found on iTunes and Sound Cloud.

Renewing the domain name over the last 11 years turned out to be the right decision after all!

JOBS Radio – Our Internet Radio Station Launches 1st February 2016


We are pleased to announce that we are launching a brand new Job Related Internet Radio Station – JOBS Radio.

JOBS Radio will officially launch on the 1st February 2016 offering job seekers a new way to access job search advice and information about job vacancies.

As the UK’s first Job Related Internet Radio Station job seekers will be able to listen to interviews with Industry Experts and Authors as well as Featured Shows with Employers and Recruitment Agencies.

With JOBS Radio we have combined the growing trend of using the Internet to listen to radio and incorporated Job Search Advice, Expert Interviews and Featured Shows with Recruiters.

Looking for job search information and advice on the Internet can become a very time consuming and overwhelming process. It can also be a lonely and demoralising experience. That is why we will also be playing a variety of music to help job seekers feel upbeat and motivated during their job search activities!

Featured Shows

Our Featured Shows offer a unique platform for Recruiters to have a regular radio show in order increase the reach and visibility of their company and current vacancies.

To find out more visit JOB Radio today.

Happy listening!

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Mike Taylor


Do The Social Media Recruitment Tips Still Hold True From 6 Years Ago?

It’s hard to believe as I write this post that I organised Europe’s first ever Social Media in Recruitment Conference back on the 16th July 2009 (6 years ago today).

A lot has happened in social media since that date, and to a lot of people who attended or spoke at the inaugural event who have gone on to make very successful careers/ businesses for themselves.

Number 1 Tips Video For Using Social Media In Recruitment

I remember putting a short video together of social media recruiting tips from some of the speakers and attendees on the day.

Take a look at the video which includes the number one tips for using social media in recruitment and judge for yourself if their tips are still valid today?

Included in the video are Josh Smith (formerly of Facebook) , Lisa Scales, Lucian Tarnowski, Bill Boorman (without a hat or beard) Andy Headworth, Paul Harrison and Alan Whitford.


mike taylor - web based recruitmentMike Taylor

Mike Helps Companies Attract Targeted Candidates With Recruitment Videos & Online Video Ads




Free Webinar – How To Use Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates

The use of online video is growing all the time and is now officially the fastest ever growing form of online media. In fact Cisco recently predicted that online video would account for 84% of all Internet traffic by 2018!

If you are on social media yourself you would have no doubt noticed the increase in the amount of videos shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter?

If you haven’t started using online video yet then there are some great ways to combine online video and social media to target your ideal candidates.

Free Webinar

We will be sharing those ideas on Monday 15th June between 3pm and 3:45pm UK time when we run our free webinar called –  How To Use Online Video To Attract Targeted Candidates.

Register Here

To register for this free event simply click here to register.

We look forward to “seeing you” on the 15th June!

Mike Taylor

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How Recruitment Videos Can Help Get Your Jobs Noticed And Shared

Having video on your website and sharing those videos through social media can certainly help you expand your reach and visibility. With the launch of our cost effective video service we can help recruiters gain an important competitive advantage, help them get their recruitment advertising to stand out from the crowd and literally “bring their jobs to life.”

If you look outside of recruitment a lot of business related videos are used to raise awareness or attract the viewer to a new product or service e.g. a video trailer for a new film or a video promoting the latest smartphone. The great thing about these types of videos is that they usually contain compelling (unique) content to engage the viewer.

As far as recruitment is concerned far too many companies still only have traditional text based job adverts that appear the same as everyone else’s whereas job seekers are now expecting to be able to watch a video about your company, your jobs and why your business is different.

Why Use Online Video To Attract Candidates?

  1. Grabs Attention – Most job seekers won’t read everything that is written on a webpage but they are likely to watch a video if you have one and it looks of interest.
  2. Multiple Modalities – Online video appeals to different learning styles enabling job seekers to absorb information in different ways. Some people absorb information best if they hear the message, some prefer to see the message and some prefer to read the message. Online video covers all three different learning styles.
  3. One To One Connection – You can convey both emotion and personality in online videos allowing you to connect with your views on a one to one basis.
  4. Share On Social Media – Online videos are one of the most shared items on social media which means you are easily able to extend your reach and visibility.
  5. SEO Rankings – It is becoming more and more common for videos to appear on the first page of the Google search results. In many cases an online video can appear higher in the search results than a companies’ own website!

Suggested Uses For Recruitment Videos

There are a number ways that videos can be used in recruitment:

  • Ongoing Vacancies
  • Graduate Vacancies
  • Seasonal Vacancies
  • Individual Job Vacancies
  • Recruitment Events
  • Company Profile / About Us
  • Video Testimonials
  • Video Blog Posts / Video Podcasts

New Video Service

With our new video service we create 60 to 90 second videos that talk about the company and the available jobs. The videos can then be uploaded to a jobs/careers website and posted to video sharing sites like YouTube as well as being shared across social media.

Over the last few years online video has really gained in popularity and according to Cisco by 2018 around 84% of all internet traffic will be video based! So it really is time to start using video to attract candidates and promote your company or risk getting left behind!

Further Information

To find out more about how to use recruitment videos to gain more visibility and extra reach for your job vacancies call Mike Taylor today on +44 (0) 1962 883754 or email: videos@web-based-recruitment.com

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Mike Taylor

Andy Headworth – Social Media Recruitment Book Launch

andy-book-amazonI was fortunate to be invited to attend a private book launch party last night. It was hosted by Andy Headworth who is the author of a brand new book called Social Media Recruitment.

For those of you who remember that far back I ran Europe’s first ever Social Media in Recruitment Conference back in July 2009 and Andy kindly spoke at two out of the five Social Media Recruitment Conferences that I ran.

I caught up with Andy at the book launch party to ask him how the book came about and how he sees the current level of social media recruiting knowledge amongst Recruiters.

“How To” Guide

I believe this book will quickly become the default “how to” guide for Recruiters looking to devise and implement a social media recruitment strategy into their company.

The book has had some great feedback from professionals in the recruiting industry and you can find more details about the book on Amazon: Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy

Web Based Recruitment Launch Online Video Training Course For Recruiters

Web Based Recruitment have launched a brand new new video-based training course aimed at helping Recruiters take advantage of the massive growth in online video as a cost effective way of attracting targeted candidates.

Online video is growing at a faster rate than any other form of media and show no signs of slowing down. In fact Cisco are predicting that by 2018 a massive 84% of all internet traffic will be video based!

Today, online videos are one of the most popular shared items on social media which can in turn increase the visibility and reach of a recruiting company and their vacancies.

Also, with the dramatic growth in online video it is only natural that job seekers don’t just want to read about a job vacancy, they want to watch and listen to what the job is all about and what the recruiting company has to offer.

Video Based Training

The training is delivered online and has been designed to take Recruiters on a step by step journey covering:

• Why use online video in recruitment?

• Planning what you want your message to achieve
• Identifying your target market
• Scripting your video for maximum results

• Choosing the right audio and video recording devices
• Deciding on the best equipment for you and your budget
• Top tips when shooting
• Alternatives to in-person videos

• How to edit and brand your video for maximum results
• How to prepare your video for uploading to the web

• Setting up and personalising your free YouTube channel
• How to upload your video to your website or blog
• Publishing your video on video sharing sites e.g. YouTube
• Maximising the visibility of your video content through social media sites

• Key strategies for optimising your videos for the search engines
• Using targeted advertising to get your videos in front of your ideal candidates

Also included in the training are examples of the different types of recruitment videos currently being available online.

For further information visit our online video training courses page

Mike Taylor

Recruiters – Will You Win Or Lose With Google’s Mobile Search Results Changes?


If you haven’t heard already Google are making massive changes to their mobile search algorithm on the 21st April 2015. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website you will be punished by Google in the mobile search results meaning that less job seekers being able to find and access your website and jobs!

Past Google algorithm changes in the past have always led to winners and loser in the rankings. However, for this important mobile search algorithm change the clear losers will be those who don’t have a mobile friendly website.

Here are some of the implications from the changes:

  • By not having a mobile-friendly website Google will lower the SEO ranking of your website in the mobile search results.
  • By not offering a mobile-friendly version of your website (or misconfiguring your website) it will result in a demotion within their mobile search rankings.

How To Check If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Google have put together a free tool so you can check to see how mobile-friendly your website is. You simply insert your website address and they will show you the result together with how your website looks on a smart phone.



Mobile Friendly Test  Results

Here is the result for our site – http://www.web-based-recruitment.com


Mobile Search Results

Another way of checking is when searching on a mobile you will now start to see “Mobile-Friendly” before the website description if it passes Google’s mobile test.


Free Guide

Google have also put together a free guide to help people get ready for mobile:


Impact And Loss

With the amount of job seekers using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) increasing all the time it is clear that mobile is here to stay. Figures of 30% to 50% of traffic being mobile are not uncommon anymore.

The only difference now is for companies who have avoided offering mobile-friendly websites in the past (and hoping to get away with it) Google’s changes will now have an impact on them. And that impact could well lead to employers missing out on great candidates and recruitment agencies/staffing firms losing potential placement fees..

Written by Mike Taylor

mike taylor - web based recruitment

Mike Taylor is Managing Director of Web Based Recruitment, specialists in Recruitment Videos, Recruitment Events and organisers of the Global Mobile Recruitment Awards.