Should I Have Renewed The Jobs Radio Domain Name?

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I first had the idea back in 2005 when I registered the domain name  It was around the time that podcasts first came out and it seemed a great way to make job search advice and information about vacancies available online.

At that time there weren’t that many smart phones available on the market, in fact the first iPhone didn’t get released until 2007. And if you add to that the fact a lot of people still had dial-up internet connections it meant that downloading audio (and video from a 2005 start-up called YouTube!) could be very slow and very expensive!  As a result my initial idea went on the back burner and I wasn’t even sure if I should renew the domain name.

Over recent years the problem of slow and expensive audio/video downloads has mainly gone away due to much faster and cheaper broadband connections. So that meant that my initial concern was now out of the way. However, I was still not 100% sure that a podcast only type of radio show would work.

Music Motivation

I enjoy listening to music and find it to be a great way of picking yourself up if you are feeling a bit down or you want to get your motivation levels up to do something you have been putting off. And that’s when I came up with the idea!

Over the last few years streaming music has become very popular. For example, with Spotify you can listen to millions of music tracks. So I thought to myself what if I could combine a radio show that offers great advice from Expert Guests, Authors and Recruiters and in-between the interviews play a variety of music to help job seekers feel upbeat and motivated during their job search activities? So that’s what I have created!

Being Made Redundant

During my own career I have been made redundant three times (the first time back in 1995 when the Internet hardly existed) so I know what it is like to be at home looking for a job. Looking back I always had some music playing in the background. With no email or websites to look for job search information the highs and lows for the day were normally when the postman came with either an invitation to an interview or another rejection letter!

Looking for a job can be a lonely journey so hopefully with JOBS Radio not only can job seekers get some great advice from our Expert Guests, Authors and Recruiters they can also listen to some great music to keep them feeling upbeat and motivated.

Live Streaming

jobs radio live streaming

We’ve just had our first week of guests on JOBS Radio (who also got to choose their favourite music tracks during the show as well) and in-between the interviews we are live streaming music over the Internet in the UK.

We are also catering for our mobile audience with the JOBS Radio mobile apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores. And we’ve just been added to TuneIn, one of the world’s largest Internet Radio Station directories.

Whilst we are only live streaming music in the UK at the moment our podcast recordings of the interviews (less our guests choice of music) can be found on iTunes and Sound Cloud.

Renewing the domain name over the last 11 years turned out to be the right decision after all!

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